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Oilfield Services & Remediation

Lonestar Natural Electric
Planting Our Future

Endless sustainable water using our patented Air to Water technology.
With our SustainableMandate we plant the Kiri Tree


Having our own tank trucks, moving our own equipment, and mobile drilling rigs keeps us one step efficiently infront of every other company.
Saving Leases by HBP on location that day!

Coiled tubing and Proprietary Chemicals using technology which expands parafins at 500 - 1.

Drilling Equipment

Top of line Conventional & Hydraulic Rigs. Providing all of the equipment needed equipment needed for turn key projects from start to finish. 


From conventional singles, doubles and triples, to hydraulic topdrive rigs which include singles, super singles, doubles, triples, slant rigs and coil rigs.


Our use of Organic Humus removes MTBE and all Petroleum Chemicals cleaning ground water and refurbishing areas lost to petroleum abuse.
Planting the Kiri Tree helps remediate contaminated areas.

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