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About Lonestar Natural Electric

Through sustainable development and clean energy production, Lonestar Natural Electric's mission is to preserve Earth's magical biodiversity among oceans, fresh water, and forest ecosystems. The world's leading sustainability leaders generate creative interdisciplinary solutions, and Lonestar Natural Electric bridges these unique solutions with emerging technologies to safely produce energy, save human lives, protect environmental justice, and enhance international security. The opportunity to promote humankind's goodwill towards respecting all life on Earth, while providing clean, safe, and sustainble energy, is a winning solution. Lonestar Natural Electric believes the answer for cleaning the Earth must originate within sustainable energy production and sustainble environmental development.

Bryan Costa and C.C. Sanders
Lonestar Natural Electric, Inc.

Sustainable Mandate

75% of the worlds oxygen comes from the ocean.  Our goal is to transform America into the future and as such leading the world and changing China because at the rate they are going our oceans will soon die.
We believe that the environment comes first.  As such 10% of our proceeds goes back into the environment.  The non profit charity Sustainable Angels, Inc - (501C3) maintains our sustainable mandate.


Because of current market trends we have energy acquisitions and equipment at pennies on the dollar.

Natural Gas to Electricity

Now every natural gas well can become an electric producer. This Air to Water process from natural gas energy is the best resource for clean water in the beef, dairy, farming, and poultry industries.

Environment & Sustainability
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