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  Management Team


Christopher Sanders
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sanders is the President of The Gas Company and Lonestar Natural Gas, Inc. Wildcatted and defined the north west quarter of the Fort Worth Basin in Texas and Wildcatted and defined the north west quarter of the Permian Basin in New Mexico. Invented Air to Water sustainable technology in 2005.  Creator of natural gas to electric to water using air to water technology.  Senior executive with over 20 years of experience in management and finance in the Oil and Gas industry and a Landman, Producer, and Operator.  McGraw Hill - Published Author on University texts about petroleum geology and reservoir engineering. Implemented, designed and fracked some of the first CO2 fracking techniques which later defined the Barnett shale. As a Landman, he has acquired millions of acres and received the “Landman in Action” award by the American Association of Petroleum Landmen. He is the founder of the United Basin and County Landman which is a group of 500 of the nation’s top landmen. Creator of sustainable air to water technology and has performed as a senior consultant for Air Products, Aramco, Chesapeake, China, Devon, Japan, Halliburton, Marathon, Multiple Investment Bankers, the LNG industry, McGraw Hill, NASA, Multiple Politicians, Schlumberger, and The Gas Company. He has ranked in the top 10% in natural gas production in Texas and New Mexico for over 25 years. Creator of several proprietary fracking methodologies that use shale source bed rock as anaerobic digesters. Active operator for varios independents. In 2006 he was the only operator endorsed by both the EPA and TCEQ in Texas. Remediation expert who helped clean up New Orleans after hurricane Katrina through compassion and co-developed a Kiri tree remediation technique for cleaning up oil in contaminated areas. He believes that natural gas is the key to USA energy independence and that natural gas can not only be used to create water, but also crypto. The company can already convert natural gas into diesel fuel. His three top NASA scientists have developed this technology which will change the USA into an energy independent nation. Robusta Bean and Robusta Nut are his coffee brands.


DJ Cleary

Oversees all Operations and management.  Mr. Sanders and Mr. Cleary are both Texas A&M University Aggies that go back decades.


Lemuel Lo
Corporate Secretary

Lemuel brings 25 years of experience in marketing and management. He has established connections and ties in China with major Oil & Gas manufacturing facilities for drilling rig equipment and downhole fishing tools. He is also co-owner of Downhole Fishing a company that specializes in downhole fishing equipment. The company provides quality tools for Sanders Drilling and Longhorn Tool. He graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with top honors in 1998. By owning and managing a marketing firm and a printing press, he has extreme technical and organizational skills needed for the company. Lemuel will manage all paperwork and documents with all the ins and outs of the company. He will supervise the company’s inner active on-location camera systems for our drilling rigs and workover units enabling us to communicate in real time to several rigs at once through a single platform.



Matthew Yeh

Matthew is responsible for the development of strategic growth opportunities, acquisitions, heavy equipment, and financing strategies for the company. He represented Haiching, a major Chinese manufacturing company that specializes in heavy equipment, power tongs, pulling units, and drilling rigs as wells as parts, supplies, maintenance equipment. These established ties can supply us with the needed gear and equipment that our company will require over the years. All of his products are API certified and inspected for quality control and safety. With Matthew’s guidance of the company’s development department, he will focus on integrity, intelligence, honesty and creative solutions to property acquisitions and real estate with oil and gas. His vision for a “win-win” solution makes him invaluable to the company. Graduated at 1992 from the University of Central Oklahoma, Matthew holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and also president of the college’s Kiwanis ( Circle K ) club chapter. He owns Empire Business Broker of Dallas which brokers multiple complex business transactions. He also owns and manages multiple retail businesses, and is a Texas licenced real estate broker for the last 12 years. Matthew has been involved and has been working directly with Chinese investor groups and manufacturing facilities specifically geared for Oil & Gas, and Energy applications.



Eric Byron
Drilling Superintendent

Working for one of the largest major Oil & Gas producers in Canada, we started his career working on the drilling rigs in the Oil & Gas industry in May 1997 and from there he has worked his way through the ranks on the drilling rigs to eventually becoming a Toolpush in 2004 and making the switch to Company man in 2007. During Eric’s career he has worked throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, working on a vast number of rigs along with different oil and gas fields. In the winter of 2009/2010 he took the position as a project coordinator for 250 well Core program in the Fort McMurray area with a budget of $20 million. In the Spring of 2010, he again advanced in his career and moved into the Drilling Superintendent role and has been working at this position until recently. For the past 4+ years he operated throughout Western Canada looking after a yearly drilling/completion and abandonment budget of $400 million and overseeing up to 15 drilling rigs at any given time, including completion and abandonment projects for the company. Eric’s ability to organize and manage to ensure a safe and efficient project is a strong asset for our company.



Adam Good
Sustainable Mandate Coordinator

He is experienced in environmental branding, distribution, new products, fibers, textiles, and wood, using our sustainable energy technologies. He has worked with Mr. Sanders for nine (9) years totally dedicated to sustainable innovations, applications, methodologies and technologies. In 2005-2006, Adam actually set up and maintained a fully sustainable 10,000 square foot house in Taos, New Mexico and maintained a sustainable Air to Water system by Air to Water, Inc. that was later reviewed and accepted by NASA. This Air to Water system and its innovative ideas are now being used in the space station.



Bryan Costa
Company Man

While pioneering shallow oil technology in Wilbarger County, Texas, Bryan Costa and Mr. Sanders began fracking oil wells together over a decade ago. The two possess proprietary fracking technologies, recently sought after by Saudi Arabia for $7 billion dollars. Together they have designed proprietary fracking technologies and chemicals capable of doubling all existing oil production. Around the original boom town discovery of Electra, Texas Bryan and Chris struck oil at twenty feet, which flowed over 2,000 barrels of initial production, from zones shallower than 200 feet. Bryan is a technical writer and he focuses on communications between directors and investors, particularly material reports detailing company operations. Bryan graduated from UNT with a BA in Psychology and from TWU with an MS in Kinesiology. In graduate school, Bryan taught as a professor for TWU in biological sciences. Bryan will serve as the communicator between rig personnel and reports to the CEO.



Owen S Foster
Landman / Electric 

Operated 18 nuclear submarines for over a decade for the United States Navy.

Negotiations Expert, Broker, Landman, Manager of Multiple Units/Plays Nationwide, Manage teams or personally perform any land related duties including, but not limited to: Due Diligence, Right-of-Way, Acquisitions, Title Abstracting, Memorandums of Title, Curative, Mapping, Negotiations, Regulatory Filings, Public Records Research, Heirship Research, Client Relations, Division Orders, Divisional Interests Calculations, Unit Ownership Calculations, Working Interest Calculations, NPRI, Royalty Ownership, Filings with the clerks and regulatory agencies as needed.

A brief sampling of land clients are as follows:
• Aruba Petroleum, Inc.
• Bradley Law Firm
• Cain & Associates, P.C.
• City Of Grand Prairie
• Decker Jones
• Eggleston, Flowers & King
• Emerald Leasing, LLC
• Fort Worth Energy, LLC
• Johnson County Special Utility District
• Llano Group
• Natural Gas Associated Services
• Sanco Operating Company
• Sanders Drilling
• Whitaker Chalk Sawyer & Swindle



Lonestar Natural Electric


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